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About our Jerky

You’ll notice the difference in Divine Bovine Gourmet Beef Jerky from the first glance. It looks succulent, not dry and tough like other brands. It feels soft and tender in the package! When you take that first, incredibly moist bite, you will taste the difference – the savory and sweet seasonings, the incredible tenderness of the meat. Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky is a taste beyond that of the traditional beef jerky. You’ll be hooked from the first bite, as are the rest of our discerning customers!

Pops' Recipe to You

In a small village in southern Italy, there lived a butcher who loved to make Jerky. His name was Franco, but to his family and friends he was known simply as “Pops”. He experimented with different cuts of meats and seasonings. “Pops” soon discovered the sweetest and most tender cut was “Brisket of Beef”. Although Brisket had never been used for Jerky before, it created a unique blend of flavor and tenderness. As predicted, “Pops” knew Jerky was a hit and earned rave reviews. Now the tradition continues. “Pops” grandson has brought the family recipe to market. Adding no MSG or nitrites, we introduce Divine Bovine, spread the word! Gourmet Beef Jerky has arrived. A beloved family recipe now available for everyone!

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